Did I spoil your plans?

I really do feel bad about Nico not getting to see his friends at his old school.  He and his little buddy Ovid are just hysterical together.  The last time we went to the park they ran up to each other and hugged.  It was awesome.  This morning, Nico was talking about how he didnt want to go to school, he just wanted to stay at the house and sword fight.  like this:

I know- how much fun is that?  So I compromised with Nico and told him that he had to go to school because after we were going to take the swords to the park and meet Ovid there… so Ovid and Nico are going to fight with swords at the park.  Isn’t that amazing?  What could be better than best friends and sword fighting at the park?

In other news, we have been doing preseason.

Preseason used to be just a way that we would get around FHSAA rules about when practice could start.  But now we actually use it for fitness.  I wish I had a lot of spare time on my hands… I would love to make some highlight video for the girls this year. I think they would love it.

Other than that… Dave gets back from Jacksonville today.  Nico has a birthday party tomorrow.  And we have practice.  And I am running a race.  Theoretically.  I was supposed to run a race last weekend, but whatever…

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