8 of 10

Not much new going on around here.  I am gang busters on the job market.  I had a really good connection on the job market, a friend sent me a post at DePaul (in Chicago), which is almost perfect.  But its not faculty and appears to be a position wherein I hold faculty’s hands walking them through methodology and statistics, which is great if they want to listen to me.  But if they don’t want to listen to me, then I will have to put the muscle on them.  Also, they need someone immediately… I am not really sure how that would work- especially given the soccer season not ending until Late January (God Willing). It has about 8 of the 10 criteria that we are looking for in a job.  The two that it doesnt meet is “DOES NOT HAVE UNGODLY COLD WINTERS” and “CLOSE TO GRANDPARENTS, NICODY, OR SACHLEBENS”.  Oh well.

I have sent off about 40 applications with about another 12 needing to get out by November 1.  On top of work and soccer.  😦

Nico launched himself off the bed and landed on his face this weekend.  Has a real dark mark on his face.  But he is getting pretty good at goalkeeping:

Dave is taking Nico to a festival at the airport this weekend- which combines our two favorite things: airports and festivals.  It will be awesome.

All for now.

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