Pumpkin Festival

So, this weekend was pretty awesome.  We started with playing at the park till dark on Friday night.  His BFF Ovid was there.  And since Dave and I have been doing tryouts all week- we wanted to let him get some play time in.  
We took Nico up to the pumpkin festival in Havana on Saturday. 
Ovid was there- although for some reason Nico insists on calling him Ovi.  I don’t know why.  Here he is listening to Ovid’s Dad, Tim read curious George.  

By far, one of Nico’s favorite things ever, is to ride on these little train things they have at festivals.

This festival had two- one that had little cars mounted to a trailer, which are all linked up (like a train) and pulled by a ATV.  Note to self: if this tenure track faculty thing doesnt work out, I need to get one of these things.  They cost three tickets (=three dollars) per ride.  And Nico would have ridden it all day if we had more tickets.  Basically, the guy on the ATV pulls the train down the closed off street, turns around and goes back and turns around.  And all kinds of kids were queing up to ride.  Pretty awesome.


We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the house.  Sunday Nico and I went to get groceries while Dave went to the gym.  Then I went to the gym and when Nico woke up, we went to play soccer.  I was given an early birthday gift when the referee opted to not give me a red card for a hard tackle against an opposing player. To make matters worse, the guy is super fast and relatively smallish… so he flew.  We both laughed about it getting up.  I fully expected to be booked for it, simply because it was a clumsy tackle.  But not ejected.  To this I have only three comments:

1.  That guy had it coming.  He’d been roughing up my defenders pretty much all day.
2.  While he did have it coming, I wasn’t actually trying to get him.  I was trying to get the ball.  And contrary to popular belief, I don’t always look for the hard tackle.  Sometimes I try not to get the player (like when I am playing against the girls).  Sunday night I really was trying not to get the guy. And just so we are clear, I usually fess up when I get someone on purpose.
3.  I doubt I would have been called in the Prem.  Dave says its not uncommon for that to get called in the Prem.  Of course, I think its bullshit when it’s called in the Prem.  The tackle in and of itself isn’t a red cardable offense (probably).  It’s just that he was in a goal-scoring position and I was the last man back.  To which I argue that giving a goalkeeper a red card for a tackle that had it been committed forty yards down field would not have been a foul is unjust.  And I didnt come from behind.  But, apparently that is neither here nor there, because the other captain wanted the game to go forward playing against a goalkeeper and consulted the referee to not eject me, so I was allowed to stay on. So I guess, yay?

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