Things have been CRAY.

The soccer season officially starts on Saturday when we go to Taylor County for the Preseason Tournament.  Until Daylight Savings Time, we are practicing at the high school from 530-800.  Which means really long days for Dave and me.  I am trying not to fall off the wagon like I usually do when the season starts (meaning not working out and not eating well).  I have been getting to the gym 3-5 times a week, playing soccer and such, so I want to keep that going forward.  But the days are long.  Last night I came home, drank half a beer and went to sleep.  Nico and I were asleep at 945 last night.

Which explains why he was up at 645 this morning.  A bonus from being gone from him so much is that he is extra snuggly when he wakes up.  Seriously, holding Nico for about 5-10 minutes this morning when he woke up was really nice.  Even cuter was this morning when I was about to leave.  Dave and Nico heard the knuckleboom coming down the street (today is yard waste day).  And Dave ran Nico outside in only his underpants to see the knuckle boom come by.  Pretty much awesome.

This weekend was pretty low key.  We had considered going down to the the Stone Crab festival, but with the next couple of weekends being really busy, we decided to hang out in town.  I went into the office and worked on getting some job applications out.

In any case, job market update tangent aside, while I was in the office working on Saturday, Dave took Nico to a pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin.

Isn’t he squishable?

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