On the verge of a mom Fail…

I am not too big a fan of Halloween.  Never have been.  Even before Nico was born, it always seemed like such beatdown.  I guess its mostly because I have difficulty striking that perfect balance between creative/original/yet culturally relevant.  Add to that my difficulty in buying store bought costumes and that basically means I find its too much work for basically one night of the year.  My past halloween costumes (as a grown up) have included Sarah Pallin, Monica Lewinsky, Cleopatra, Kenny (from Southpark), and a blind person .  Except for the year Dave and I went as the Blind Leading the Blind, I always eschewed “general” costumes.  Like “sexy witch” or “ghost” or whatever because it always felt wrong to be something that 10 other people were going to be.  I guess I felt like if I couldnt come up with a great halloween costume that no one else had, I didnt want to go at all.  I have no idea where this attitude comes from.  But alas, there it is.  Maybe from the fact that in high school my mom made formal dresses for Nicole and me.
In any case, its been hard doing Halloween right for Nico.  Mostly because I don’t have the time in my life to do it right.  I would love to be able to make Halloween costumes… but it seems I am too tired to be creative with it… that combines to a perfect storm of Nico wearing store-bought costumes and me not being really excited about them.  In any case, I got out in front of it this year and ordered a fireman costume on amazon.  It came with a stupid floppy hat, bib/overall pants and a jacket.  Luckily we are tossing the hat and going with the standard one that he has.
That said, we dont have any boots.  I know that it probably doesnt really matter- because you probably arent going to be able to see them anyways.  But I looked at Target and ToysRus to no avail.  I will run into the Walmart down in the county on the way to practice. But its not looking promising.  Add that to the fact that we never got around to actually carving the pumpkins.  And he painted them.  With the baby sitter.  I had her send me a pic.  It kind of makes me sad for Nico. His parents are so busy they couldnt even carve a pumpkin with the poor kid.  Hopefully running around midtown tonight trick or treating with his little friend Ovid will make up for it.



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