Boom like a hotdog!

We had a super fun weekend.  We went out to Pensacola and Panama City to play soccer.  We played in Pensacola on Friday night and Panama City on Saturday.  Nico was a peach.  Dave and Nico stopped at the beach on the way back into town.  He collected a bunch of shells.  I believe there are Christmas ornaments in order.

Last night the girls were off, so we had a nice night at home.  Dave started a fire in the fire place and Nico and I layed on a pallet of blankets in front of the fireplace to read books.  He is starting to say some really funny things, like, “Boom like a ________________!”  The first time he said it, he said, “Boom, like a hotdog!”  He is also continuing to parrot the things I say to him, like, “I can’t wait to get just a little nibble of that hair!!” or “I’m gonna get just a little nibble of those ears!”  

We think he might be going through a growth spurt.  He has been hungrier lately, more inclined to eat different things.  Still wont knowingly touch a vegetable mind you.  But he loves the crap out of some veggie burgers!

He’s also starting to listen to the news with us.  During Hurricane Sandy, he was pretty aware that there was a big hurricane on its way to New York and was worried that Uncle JJ might have to leave.

Since Christmas is one of my three favorite holidays (in order of favor: Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving), I am starting some traditions with him this year.  Like, this year we are going to have an Advent calendar (for the first time), only its going to be in the form of Christmas books- I am going to wrap them up and he will have a new Christmas book to read every night.  Which is fantastic- since we haven’t bought him books in a while.  We are also going to do a big push to get rid of a bunch of Nico’s old toys.  He has a ton of toys he doesnt really play with anymore, and its time.  So that is going to be part of our Thanksgiving/Christmas festivities.  

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