Cookies and Santa

So we had a really great weekend.  We played Leon to a 1-1 tie at home on Friday night.  We trailed for most of the game and equalized 4 minutes from the end.  It was awesome.  LOVE it when we tie and beat them. Even funnier is that Florida High did the same thing to us on Tuesday.  I love not being on that end of it- giving up a late equalizer.

My friend LaVon was getting rid of an elliptical and we had plans for her to bring it over on Saturday morning, which meant we needed to get rid of stuff to make room for it.  Which is awesome.

Saturday afternoon, we had Nico’s friend Ovid over to make Cookies.  It was pretty great.  Of course Nico is totally an only child.  So there were a couple of meltdowns over boots and firecoat and trucks.  Mostly on Nico’s end.  you know, its funny, because they are best friends, but they totally start getting after each other when they get together.  I think its mostly because they are kinda different… Nico is into sports and trucks and firefighters.  Ovid is into dress-up play, role playing, and pretending.  
Sunday we went to see Santa.  We waited in line for about an hour.  But it was worth the wait. Yes, he is wearing the firecoat he had on the day before.  He basically wears it every day he can.  
Nico asked for a police officer costume and a real fire tuck.  
After, Nico got to ride some ride-on trucks.  It was pretty cool.  He loved it. While he was riding, Dave and I got chair massages.  They were awesome.  
Sunday night Dave and Nico made us pizza for dinner.  It was gluten-free.  Dave didn’t think it was all that great- but it was okay.  Apparently, I am going to have to show him how we do things in the Bishop house.  
We are really starting to look forward to the trip to Michigan.  It looks like we might get a little snow while we are there, which would be awesome.  I am mostly looking forward to sleeping in, taking naps, and seeing family.    
Family trips with Nico and Emme and Maddox are great, because its fun to see them all playing together.  Even if Nico does act like a spoiled only child.  Sometimes. 

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