Nico’s friend Graham

We had a pretty fun weekend around here.  It was the first in a while that didn’t feature travel or soccer or such.  Saturday morning we met Nico’s friend Graham at the park so they could play firefighters.  It was pretty cool.   Graham is one of Nico’s friends from his new school.  He is two months younger than Nico and his parents are pretty cool.  Both are lawyers and followers of the Prem (albeit they are Arsenal fans… I guess there is no accounting for taste…)

Sunday we went to this massive park down in Wakulla county with Ovid.  Its huge.  And awesome.  It has a fire pole.

Otherwise, we spent the weekend getting the house clean.  Its been an unmitigated disaster since the soccer season started.  But with Dave’s parents coming to town this week, we have extra incentive to get it under control.

Nico is doing fun things these days.  After dinner we were doing some math by adding up reese’s pieces.  Nico understands what “equals” means, which kind of blows my mind.  Its very awesome.

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