Fun Station Junior

I got home on Friday night, to rain.  Apparently, it had been raining all day.  We have started a new thing with Nico in the mornings, which is that if he goes into school without a big fuss, he gets a quarter in his “locker”.  And if he wants, we can go to Fun Station junior and play arcade games.  While I was gone, this seemed to make a big difference in the mornings.

So we did that on Saturday night.  Nico and I went to Fun Station Junior and he had a good time.  I bought 10 bucks worth of tokens and he had a blast running around the bouncy house area and playing games.  He is getting better at Skee Ball… thank god, because he was pretty terrible at it the last time we did this.  
Sunday we took advantage of the break in shitty weather to go to the park.  We had a pretty good time practicing sliding down the pole and went to the autopart store and Costco.  Yesterday Nico helped me put new wipers on the Kia (which he calls Venus, after one of the fire trucks in Fireman Sam).  Speaking of which, I want to buy him some Fireman Sam underpants.  But they only seem to have the speedo kind (not the kind with the fly).  Any thoughts on these?  Does anyone think he would care?

This week, Dave went to Boston to try to work something out with his employer on what to do for a career going forward.  It seems like it was a pretty good meeting.  It looks like we might not be in the poor house the entire time we are there.  Last night the weather computer in Tallahassee went down and they werent able to land.  The flight was diverted to Mobile and he is spending the morning driving over.  Talk about a long travel day!!  
All for now.  

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