Polo Shirt

When we were in Orlando over the weekend, we went to the outlet mall.  Grandma bought Nico a polo shirt because we decided that he would be adorable in it.

I think we can all agree that he is adorb.

On another front, I think we may have turned the corner in the bathroom situation.  Nico has been extraordinarily good about the whole going #2 on the potty.  For serious.  Like sometimes he will just take himself in there and get it done.

I think that the conversation I had with him regarding his desire for a sibling might have something to do with this.  I He has mentioned a couple of times that he wants a little brother or sister, so I told him that before we can talk about that, he needs to get the potty training under control, because we cant be having a baby in diapers and having to deal with that whole situation.  He still wears diapers at nap and bed time, but I think that won’t last for too long.  He seems to be thinking that he is going to get a firefighter truck bed when we move to Chicago- which he says that he is going to sleep in, and put him self to sleep in.  #toogoodtobetrue?

When we came home from school on Monday, Nico and I did some exercising.  A friend had given me an older ellipitical, so I did that for a while and then Nico did it while I lifted weights.  He did calves with me.  He is pretty excited about how big our muscles are going to be.

That is where we are at.  Still trying to find a house that we can live in in the Chicago area.  But, it seems to NOT be a renter’s market.  At least not for people with two large dogs who want a yard with a fence.  

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