Easter 2013

So, like an idiot, when I made my transportation plans to and from Chicago, I didnt realize that I would be coming back Easter weekend.  Which is kind of annoying, since Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Luckily, Dave took Nico to Premier on Saturday for an egg hunt (after the “Spring Bunny” made an appearance at his school on Friday- apparently Nico is pretty boss at finding eggs… which is a step up from where he was two years ago, where he was terrible at it.)

The Easter Bunny brought Nico some fire trucks and some candy.  Turns out one of the firetrucks was a collector’s item.  Which is no longer in it’s box.  Yikes.

I ordered a Chicago Fire Department Sweatshirt from CafePress before I left.  I had it sent to Chicago, thinking I would put it in a box with some candies and other stuff (a care package, if you will), but it didnt get to Chicago till my last day there, so I ended up just bringing it home… which the boy loved!!

Isn’t Dave photo bombing Nico funny?

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