The House

So, we have a house.  In Chicago.

I am so excited about it.  It’s actually a townhouse.  But it’s an end unit.  And it has a basement.  And a fenced yard.  And two bathrooms.  And three bedrooms.  And plenty of storage.  We might even have room for activities.

Even cooler?  The place is about a 40 minute commute from my office… a bus for about 10 minutes and then the train for about 25 minutes.  It is completely fabulous.  Nico, Dave, and the dogs are going to love it.  

The place is a little bit older, but it looks like it has been taken care of… all the lights work and such.  Which can’t be said for 1522 Atapha. #justsayin.  It has tile and hardwood floor throughout, except for the stairs going down to the basement.  But I suppose that is so that Grannies can’t hide out in their rooms down there and scare kids as they walk down the stairs.  True story, Granny Bishop threatened to do that.  

Assuming that I don’t get fired and or kicked out of the city, I think this is definitely a place that we could live for a while.  Dave and I are hoping that our next place will be a house that we buy.  A real fixer-upper.  Seems like it’s about time.  In any case, I missed my boys like crazy last week.  I didnt get much done on a the writing-blogging-working out schedule.  I did manage, however, to watch all of Season 5 of Mad Men.  So, I have that going for me. 

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