Green Thumbs Unite!!

Not much going on here.  Last night I went to an event that was hosted by the DePaul Social Science Research Center.  One of the organizations that we work with was having a launch party, and my boss was supposed to speak.  So, I went.  It was ok.  I am looking forward to doing cool stuff like that.  Last month, DePaul hosted Sister Prejean and Tim Robbins (Sister Prejean was the sister the story of Dead Man Walking was based on).  Why Tim Robbins, I dont know, except that he might be a Death Penalty Advocate.  Other things that are awesome about Chicago: The Counting Crows and the Wallflowers are playing Chicago.  Together.  (Counting Crows being one of my favorite bands).  And other such cool things. I am pretty sure Springsteen plays Chicago whenever he’s one tour.  And Jimmy Buffet.  So that will definitely be cool… getting at least have the opportunity to see great acts.

This week, I went to Home Depot to get the garden started.  There are three not so great things about our house:
1.  The kitchen. Its small.  And not impressive.  But all electrical outlets work.  And I havent blown a fuse yet… so that’s cool.
2.  In the summer, there are rats in the alley (we have an alley that runs behind our house- where the garbage cans are).  WHAT. THE. ACTUAL.F? Seriously?  Supposedly, its because we live so close to a park (I dont know what that correlation is).  I was talking to a neighbor when she told me about it.  My thought is that there are clearly not enough predatory snakes in our neighborhood.  Cuz you know, Florida snakes don’t get down like that.  I am considering what it would take to have an outdoor cat… could we get an outdoor cat to handle that?  Build her a little house or something?
3.  The yard is tiny.  And gets a lot of shade.

So, in terms of the yard situation, I think I might try to funnel most of the gardening efforts into container gardening- which is great, since we have so many containers.  So, I headed to Home Depot, where I spent the better part of an hour wandering around the garden section.  Guess what else they have in Chicago?  Seasons.  Like, where you can grow things besides cotton, peppers, and tomatoes.

Look what I found:

Based on what was on sale at Home Depot, this is very popular: large bowls of color annuals.  I guess, since so many people have decks, terraces, and balconies instead of yards.  I really wanted it- but I could not justify the $90 for it.

So I settled on some containers for herbs that can hang on the steps going out to the back porch.  And some peat pots for mai seeds.  When Nico gets up here, we are going to have to hit the ground running getting some seeds going.

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