Having extraordinary adventures

You know, it has to be hard being you guys and not being us.  I am almost at the place where I am like, “look at your life, now look at mine.  Sadly, you don’t have this life…” but I figure that would make me even more insufferable than I already am.

We are having a blast.  Seriously.  We are loving living in a city of decent size, with decent weather.  I am also loving working at a place where securing the next R01 isn’t that big of a priority.  I take days off.  Isn’t that crazy?  Last week, Nico and I drove out to Earlville to pick strawberries.  It was a bit of a drive, but worth it in my book.

And since we had so many strawberries, we made strawberry pie this weekend.  I mean, what else would you have done?  I brought one in yesterday and was declared queen of the pies at work.
Friday, Dave had an MRI (guess what? He has a torn rotator cuff.  It’s a good thing he lives with a doctor.  Because I diagnosed that mess a year ago).  This necessitated me staying home with Nico on Friday.  Which started with us going to breakfast at a freaking Swedish restaurant.  In our neighborhood.  It is called Tre Kronor and is our go-to place to go when family and friends are in town.  Look what Nico had:
Doesn’t that look heavenly?  After said breakfast, Nico and I went to the library.  The library stresses me out a bit because they don’t have many firetruck or police car books.  But we’ll find them, I think.
Saturday night, we headed down to Navy Pier.  We had dinner and walked around.  Nico took us to the Children’s Museum store and we picked up a couple of t-shirts for his birthday (Chicago Police and Chicago Fire Department).  Which is very awesome.  Do you see them wearing sweatshirts?  Awesometown!!  I remember this time last year playing a game of soccer in Tallahassee where I had sweat dripping off my eyebrows.  And I was standing in goal.  Seriously.
Sunday we played soccer.  We joined an 8 v 8 league on a team that already has a goalkeeper.  You know what that means?  Me playing in the field.  Which you know is never good for business.  The bad news is that we ended up losing someone to a red card and then proceeded to lose the game.  The good news is that it wasn’t me.  So I have that going for me.
This week I have Thursday and Friday off… so we’re probably going to have some more adventures.

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