Swimming Lessons

So this week has been a bit exciting.  Dave went to Florida last week for work and Nico and I hung out in Chicago.  He’s not super excited about going to school yet- I think it’s mostly because he doesn’t have any really good friends there.  But I am working at it.

On Thursday night, we made homemade ice cream.  We did it with heavy whipping cream, so it was sort of gross… mostly because it was so greasy.  But Nico thought it was fantastic!!

Know what is really great about living 1.2 miles away from his school?  Being able to walk to pick him up from school.  Even cooler, is that the walk home took us through North Park’s campus village and Peterson Park.  And we saw this girl.  Just hanging out.  
Saturday, Nico started swimming lessons at the YMCA.  He was a champ.  I was worried that he wouldnt want to do it… since he was a bit reluctant on Saturday morning when we woke up.  But he jumped in the pool and listened to his teacher and everything.  It was great.  After, we headed out to Franklin Park (near O’Hare) and had Sonic for lunch.  Then we scooped up Dad from the airport.   

Sunday, Dave and I had a game at the Foster Turf fields.  And one of Nico’s sitters came and hung out with him.  I got to play in goal (I have been playing in the field).  And we won.  Does anyone else wonder how it is that the two games where I wasn’t in goal are two games that we lost?  Coincidence?  I think not.  Okay, don’t tell any of my teammates I said that.  🙂

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