The Good News Is…

Nico has been talking for two years and I still get a big kick out of when he says things that are CLEARLY things that he has heard from us.  Some Gems:

“So, the good news is…” (which is what I say whenever I want to point on the silver lining in a less than great situation).
“Well, would you look at that?” (which is something I sometimes say whenever I am a little surprised by something).
“Here comes a snuggle from _________-face” (he fills in the blank with whatever he’s been eating that he has on his face… like yogurt.  “Here comes a snuggle from yogurt-face” or “Here comes a snuggle from ice-cream sandwich face.”)
“How about if we take a ride down to…” (this is all Dave… this morning Nico suggested that after school today, “we ride down to Margies for some ice cream” after school today.
He has also started being a bit melodramatic… something he has picked up from someone at school, I think.  He’ll say something like, “No one even cares about me!” Which is a hard sell when you are an only child and you’ve been attachment parented your entire life.  I haven’t been startled out of dead sleep at 141am by a foot thrown across my neck for him to claim that no one cares about him.
One of my favorite things to tell him when he starts whining about something crazy, like when he wants to play with a toy that is upstairs and starts whining.  I can’t wait for him to parrot back to me: “This is a first world problem.  There are kids in the developing world that would love to have this as a problem.”

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