Lou Malnati’s, the Polish Festival, and The Dog Beach

I feel like I write the same posts about every weekend.  We went here and did this awesome stuff… then we went there and did some more awesome stuff.  Do you guys ever get bored with that?? I don’t.  🙂

Friday night started out eventful. I mistimed my trip home from work on the bike and ended up riding through a rain/thunder/hail storm. Which was kind of funny.  At one point, I actually got blown off my bike by a gust of wind.  It was really kind of funny.  I felt a sense of solidarity with all the other bikers that got caught in the rain.  At one point I exchanged power fists in the air with another dude who was waiting to cross Lincoln Ave (that I was driving northwest on).  When I got home, I grabbed a quick shower and we headed out to what Dave and I have come to describe as “our pizza place”: Lou Malnati’s.  It’s Chicago deep dish.  At it’s best.  It has definitely become our go-to place for dinner late in the week when neither of us wants to cook.  
Saturday morning was kind of chill.  Dave and Nico went to the YMCA and I hung out at the house doing chores (boring).  After nap, we headed to Jefferson Park to the Taste of Polonia (Polish festival).  Complete with three bouncy houses, so you know Nico was in heaven.  Dave’s former co-worker who is a Polish-American former Southside Chicago boy met us there, so we had a blast (even if I was a little cranky pants myself… which happens.  Sorry… it just does).  
Sunday, we headed to the YMCA in morning… where Dave and I got in pretty good workouts.  I have been doing CrossFit for four months now and I am completely jazzed about it.  I feel myself getting stronger.  Even though some of the olympic lifts continue to be hard, I feel strong.  My legs are getting more muscular… so much so that I am nervous to wash my favorite pair of jeans… afraid that they are going to be unwearable when they come out of the dryer.  You say I could just NOT dry them… to which I reply, “um gross… have you ever worn jeans that have been air dried?  yuck.”  
So we finished Sunday at the Y with a swim… through a small miscommunication between Dave and myself, Nico is repeating the Beginning Pike class, when his Beginning Pike teacher says he’s ready for Eel class.  this is actually okay, because the little friend he made in his first class is going to be class with him.  I also say that until Nicholas Michael is ready to put his face in the water without becoming Mr. Bargainy McBargain, that he’ll be okay in the lower class.  
Monday we took the dogs to the Montrose dog beach, which was really fun.  They always have a blast whenever we go (its a dog beach on Lake Michigan).  

Seriously, what is not to love?  The water is cold and there are all kinds of dogs there.  In fact, at one point, I went to sit on our blanket but couldnt figure out how in the hell it had gotten covered in sand.  Turns out there were two dogs playing chase with each other and the little guy kept running onto our blanket.  He clearly did not care that he was invading our space.  Going to the dog beach ALWAYS wears the dogs out… but they seem to have so much fun when we go.  

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