Opportunity Knocks

So, in other exciting news, I have been offered a course for the winter quarter at DePaul.  I know, right?  Just when I think I am out, they pull me back in!!

Turns out that the senior research methodologist in the SSRC has taught classes in statistics and methods, prior to my arrival, so the teaching coordinator asked if I would be interested.  While I have never taught a statistics class, I have taught methods.  And I have had some pretty damn good training  in the art of teaching.  And also, I have won two teaching awards.  So it’s not really like this:


Of course, I am not sure how much of this the coordinator knew when she asked me to teach an undergraduate statistics course.  It’s probably a bit uncommon, for someone who is a good teacher to not move automatically and fully into the teaching track.  If I wasn’t in Chicago at DePaul, I would probably be at a teaching college, with my four courses a semester and no research activity.
The conversation I had with the coordinator was a great conversation and she said that she would send me the course list so that I might consider teaching some of the “fun” classes in demography and health.  Yeah.  How much fun will that be?
This development is actually quite fortuidous…Dave and I watched a thing on Sunday Morning a couple of weeks ago about the Khan Academy that has made me rethink how I would revamp my teaching style, if it ever came to that.
That said, I believe that I will make every effort to incorporate memes in this class, as well as pop culture references to Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Keeping up with the Kardashians.
I think so.

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