Sorry I’m Not Sorry

“Sorry I’m not sorry” is one of my new favorite things to say.  It’s the ultimate way to acknowledge that maybe you should be sorry, but you aren’t.  That is a random thought, but it has been in my head lately.
After Nico’s swim practice and my shooting Saturday morning, we tried to take a nap at home.  But failed.  Saturday afternoon, Dave and I made the mistake of watching some show on the travel channel about food+travel.  Turns out that the travel channel has completely given up on actual travel shows and are just doing food shows.  We watched a piece about steak sandwiches in Philladelphia (as in Geno’s and Pat’s).  Well, next thing you know, we were at Dominicks getting stuff for steak sandwiches.  I got a snicker’s bar and a green apple to make a snickers apple salad.  I asked Nico if he wanted some, to which he replied NO when he heard the word salad.  Turns out that he actually likes Snickers Apple Salad… weird.  It’s almost like he likes being contrary.  For the sake of being contrary.
As you can see, the weekends are a bit hard for Drake:
Sunday, we explored Skokie a bit.  Dave liked the Skokie Farmer’s market on Facebook and was reminded that there were only a few more weekends of the market before winter.  So we rode up there  (in the rain) and ended up having breakfast at Annie’s pancake house before trying the market.  Here is Nico checking his email and having “coffee”:


We ended up with a bunch of fruit (peaches, blackberries, apples, etc).  We had a short workout at the YMCA and then headed home for a nap.  After nap, Dave went to get groceries.  He found a grocery that he really likes, called Mariano’s.  They have a massive prepared food section, which is THE thing he likes about Whole Foods.  But Whole Foods is expensive for the stuff that you aren’t buying because it’s organic.  Like paper towels.  And canned beans.  Apparently, Marianos walks that line pretty well.
While he was at the store, Nico and I hung out at the house drawing maps.  That is kind of his thing lately, drawing maps.  A couple of weeks ago, I found a watercolor tablet at Target for super cheap, and he really likes drawing on these (I think because the paper doesn’t get as bent up as regular paper).  This week and next, hopefully, we’ll be sending out a bunch of maps to Granny You and Grampy and Grandma and Grandpa.  We might even sneak one down to Max, Becks, and Emme.

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