Nico’s school was closed on Monday.  I find this to be very suspicious, as a Korean family owns and manages his school.  Is this racist of me?  Maybe.  But seriously, Columbus Day??  You know it is a sad state of affairs when the Catholic school DePaul is open for business and the Korean preschool is closed.  Boo-sauce!!  Oh, you’re saying that Nico’s school is closed because all state and city things are closed.  And doesn’t really have anything to do with Columbus?  Well, there you go using LOGIC!!!

I had planned to go get my car registered and such.  But guess what was closed?  BOOOO!!! So Nico and I ended up going to the library and having lunch.

In fact, I wrote most of yesterday’s blog post while at the library with him.  He played with blocks and hung out.  Then we got some police car books.  It was definitely a good time.

In other news, Dave and Nico have started reading.  Not like the Declaration of Independence, but like signs and books and stuff. 
It’s pretty amazing. 

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