Happy Birthday to Dave

So, this weekend was pretty fun.  Dave is in the last week of his big project- so we were trying to stay low key and close to home.  We snuck out to the Y for a workout and a swim on Saturday.  On the way back, we dropped by what is getting to be a favorite place for lunch (East of Edens).  They have a low-carb platter that is basically just a pile of gyro meat and a grilled sausage.  You can’t really beat that.

When we got back to the house, I put Nico down for a nap and began a new knitting project (a hat for me).  

 After nap, Nico and I commenced with the sword fighting.  Now that he’s a bit older, he’s really getting to be fun.

Sunday, was Dave’s birthday.  But he had to work, boooooo!! Dave is pushing hard on this project… Nico has even said a couple of times that he can’t wait for Dave to be done with the book.  
Nico sent the first email from his own email account (I signed him up for a gmail account for a couple of years ago).  We also ordered a pair of bean boots from LL Bean, but they hadn’t arrived yet.  Dave’s hurricane boots finally bit the dust- so we got him a pair.  
After Nico and I ran errands, we headed back to the house for a quick nap.  
Birthday dinner was ribs, german mashed potatoes, and kale chips.  
Our grocery has these gourmet brownies, that were delicious.  In fact, so much so that when I finished Nico’s last night, there was a bit of a fit this morning.  
Other than that, we’re just trying to find a post-holiday routine.  The cars are driving me crazy.  With the first big cold snap, the 4Runner ended up needing a new radiator.  It turns out, the Kia’s battery is a bit grouchy in the cold weather… we’ve had a couple of days where it wouldn’t start.  For some reason, we didnt have any jumper cables, which was weird because John C. Bishop’s oldest daughter should have jumper cables.  So, we bought some and I jumped the Kia.  It was the first time I have ever jumped the car.  So there is that.  Can’t wait till the weather gets better so that I can get back to to riding to and fro to work.  

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