School Choice

Not much new has been happening.  Nico asked me to help him make an obstacle course last week.

His overhead squat needs some work, but other than that, how cute, right?

JJ came to see us last weekend.  It was a short trip- but he got to see his friend from highschool.  Nico was upset when JJ had to go.  Like for serious.  So I promised him a trip to Michigan when we get back from our trip to Florida.  This works out- because the week after we get back, Nico’s school has spring break.  Might be a good time to sneak away for a couple of days.

We got Nico’s letters about school next year.  For the selective enrollment schools the cutoff was 160 point, and the average score was 100.  Nico scored 144- which is pretty great.  He scored in the 98th percentile for math and 87th percentile for reading.  Which was cool- a bit expected, since we don’t do all that much reading with him.  I know… I am a terrible mom for not reading with him all the time.  But, I’ve taken this as proof that we need to take more time for it.

He got into a STEM magnet school close to my work, which is cool (seriously, it’s 1.1 miles away).  He got wait-listed at several others (including a #2 and #3 spot).  Today, we got the call that he got into the #2 school.  We’re not sure what we are going to do about it, but think we might go on both tours and see what we see.  The magnent school that is close to my work looks cool.  They even have after school chess, drama, and science experiment clubs.  Chess?  For kindergartners?  Yeah, that is my jam!!  I even saw a website that mentioned it might have a community garden.

Dave got the proof of the book he’s written (The Political Almanac of Florida).  He’s terribly excited to be done with it, which I can totally understand.  I think he’s looking forward to doing other things.

In any case, Nico is excited to go to Florida and see the grandparents and his friends Graham and Lydia.  Hopefully Spring will have sprung by the time we get back.

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