Score one for the parents!!

Okay, so I mentioned it last post, but I need to elaborate on it here: We may have turned the corner with Nico.

We did baby time largely standing on our heads.  He was a super easy baby- and my expectations were pretty low.  Plus, that first year really flew by.  But then when he got to be about 2.5- the shit kind of hit the fan (sorry, Nico honey, that is just how it was- I can’t sugar coat it).  I think a big part of it is that he is clearly very smart and a scotch stubborn, so he’d sometimes get his mind set about something, and was not to be dissuaded.  So, we’d go from 0 to a meltdown in 5 seconds flat.  The worst is that Dave and I are super flexible about stuff.  Oh, we’re out of beer?  That’s okay.  I will drink something else.  Compare that to Nico.  Out of mac and cheese?  THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST!! I HATE MY LIFE.  I HATE YOU.  I HATE EVERYTHING. (He didnt say he hated everything, that was the tone of his fit).  Now imagine that every.single.time something doesn’t go his way.  HOLY BEAT DOWN CENTRAL.

It’s been ramping up for the last couple of months, but was really apparent on the trip.  He is mellowing out.  And he’s growing up.  So now, when something doesn’t go his way, he’s okay.  Out of mac and cheese?  That’s alright dude, he’ll just have some PBJ.  No big deal.  This is all fine and grand, but I haven’t even mentioned the best part.

He does stuff that we ask him to do- without fussing or fighting it.  And he is starting to use “Yes M’am” and “No M’am”, “Please” and “Thank You” without being asked. Brilliant.  Its awesome.  The best part is that we have been able to do this largely without threatening him or putting him in time out or other such measures.  Parenting FTW!!

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