Easter was fun.  We did the egg “hunt” in the our neighborhood park.  I say “hunt” because it wasn’t so much a hunt as it was a “walk around and find only 4 eggs, because that is the limit that the park imposed so all the kids could get eggs.”  Note to self, find an actual egg hunt next year.  Makes me miss those crazy egg hunts that the daycare used to put on.

Nico has this great thing he is doing with his face lately, mostly when he is in on the joke.  It’s pretty funny.

It’s  a half smile, but with his eyes glancing off to the side.  It’s pretty great. He is also starting to *finally* get helpful when it comes to arts and crafts and cooking (except for the cracking of the eggs… he’s got some more work to do in that arena.)  This is great, because this was the first year that dying eggs wasn’t a major debacle.  Seriously, its a bit of a beat down when the kid knocks over the egg dye.  Yeah, Nico totally did that his first and second easters.

Finding eggs is starting to get pretty fun.  Totally a far cry from these days:

The week before easter, Nico’s school was out for Spring Break, so he and Dave hung out.  There is some type of Lorax expedition down in the Loop, so Dave took Nico down to it.  Which is cool.

That day was funny because we were all at the chiropractor together (it’s a long story).  But as we were leaving, Nico blew a kiss to the lady chiro doctor.  I don’t even know what that was all about.  It was pretty funny though.

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