Taking him Down to Chinatown!

We’re changing Nico’s school situation so that he is only going three days a week. It’s much cheaper, which is nice, but frankly, I wanted to be able to do some fun things with him- it seems like our weekends go by so fast. I’m looking forward to doing summer stuff with him, since he’s starting to get cool. Uncle JJ had a few unexpected days off this weekend, so he came down to Chicago.   We ended up taking him with us to the dragon boat races in Chinatown- which was fun Nico’s still stressing me out with the food. We went to a Chinese place and ordered him fried dough- which came with a dish of frosting. He wanted no part of it. None!!

I guess some day he’ll figure it out- that his parents aren’t totally full of shit. Until then- I guess we’ll do with hotdogs and grilled cheese.

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