Nicholas M. Royse, M stands for Fun.

The only bad thing about summer is that Chicago loses its damn mind with the nice weather, so everyone decides to HAVE THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTIES! HOLD THEIR FESTIVALS!! EVERYONE BE OUTSIDE!!!  And we have just been having TOO much fun.

In the last couple of weeks, we went out to the Botanic Garden to see some kid’s music band. We went with R and J and their daughter Lil M.  Nico quickly found an older boy to play with and spent his time running amok with them.  Then the boy, unbeknownst to Nico invited Nico for icecream with his family, which he accepted.  In other news, we have started talking about stranger danger.
After the garden, we headed over to Northwestern and checked out their showing of Frozen.  Nico has probably seen the movie, conservatively speaking, 30 times.  And was as engrossed as ever while watching the movie with a bunch of weirdo undergrads at Northwestern.  Which was hilarious.  During the songs, it basically became a sing a long.
Last weekend, Nico was invited to a friend’s birthday party.  The party was tacked onto a neighborhood block party, which was pretty cool.  So, there was the birthday part… and then there was the running amok with a bunch of older kids from a neighborhood that he doesn’t even live in.  Which was hilarious.


He had an important lesson at the party.  There was a face painter and he got his face done up like batman.  But then he got upset about something and had a fit.  This caused the paint to start coming off.  But, then he became aware that the face painter had left, which caused another fit.  And this fit caused him to miss the pinata.  I hoped he learned the lesson that causing a fuss over little things cause you to miss out on other fun things.  
I was in Ann Arbor this week doing a stats training.  I missed my boys. I ended up at Target buying a gift for another birthday party and got Nico a ninja turtle mask. 


He seems to be pretty excited about it.  

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