We are having a blast this summer.

Nico being home from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been fantastic.  I have been able to take a vacation day here and there in order to hang out with him.  Yesterday we managed to just hang out at the house.  I went to the gym in the morning while Dave and Nico headed to the Y.  When we got back to the house, I ran out to drop my computer off to the computer guy (DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED.  Note to self, if you ever hear me talking about buying a new HP, that is your clue to stage an intervention.  Worst debacle ever).  I swung by to get some icecream and headed to the park with Nico.  While we ate our ice cream, we watched some older kids to a soccer practice.  Which was cool.  But then we got on with our main reason for being at the park: gk training.  It’s a bummer that little guys’ soccer doesn’t have gks.  He’s looking forward to playing actual gk for a team in a game.

Even better, is that we have started having a go at each other in the form of one on ones.  Only Nico doesn’t call them that.  He calls them “tustles”.  Which is hilarious, since I use the word “tustle” like this: “Nico Royse, if you pop me in the face with that sword you’re swinging, we’re gonna tustle, so I’d stop if I were you.”

We are going to try to sneak up to Michigan tomorrow to see Uncle Scott.  I wanted to get up there earlier, but just couldn’t make it happen.  Other than that, not much else is happening.

I have a CrossFit competition next weekend (on the 17th).  I haven’t done a competition before.  The previous competitions my gym has held, I’ve been like, “Oh, Damn.  I’d like to.  But who is going to take pictures?”  Or my personal favorite, “Oh, I meant to sign up for that one in Arlington Heights, but registration is closed.  Bummer.”  In all honesty, I am kind of nervous about it.  It’s a team competition, so it shouldn’t be too much of a grind.  As far as our team goes, there is another girl who definitely has a motor, but isn’t probably as strong as I am.  The two guys each have their own strengths… I just don’t want to be in a place where the team is counting on me to full snatch 95 lbs.  Because that is just not going to happen… unless the competition calls for me to fail horribly.  Because I am all over that 🙂

In any case, I asked Nico if he was going to cheer for me.  He said yes, and I asked if he had any cheers for me.  His answer: “Allez la putain!” Which is not nice.  Not nice at all.  To be fair, I taught him this accidentally in the car… you know how it is.  It’s french for “Go Whore!”  But he also knows Allez is GO.  So, I can understand the confusion.  I hope he doesn’t really cheer like that.  That would be terrible.

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