First Week

Nico’s first week was awesome.  It may be early for this, but Dave and I are kind of doing a victory lap with how well it went.  In the course of a week, we completely changed the home/night/morning routine and Nico loves school.  LOVES IT.  He’s excited to go- and he’s starting to make friends.  His teacher is amazing.  She’s African-American (squeeeee!!) and just loves on her kids.  She had no problem telling me on the first day that Nico had a little bit of a hard time listening, but it was okay, since he was going to get a chance to listen tomorrow.  Awesome.

Nico didn’t cry and didn’t fuss.  He was curious about what was happening, but was not in any way anxious for us to hang around.  He’s excited that he will get to do PE, drama, art, and the library once a week.
At home, we have dramatically changed everything… since he has to wake up so early, we’re getting to bed and doing dinner a lot earlier.  This means, we’ve cut down his TV watching and playing.  But he seems to be doing fine.

This weekend he also started soccer up again.  What a difference a couple of months makes!!  Nico was a completely different kid this go round.  Part of it had to do with the fact that he has been playing a lot more soccer lately.

But also, he was playing against a bunch of kids who’d never played soccer before.  And at least he played a couple of games in the spring.  

He scored three goals and had an assist!
Isn’t that crazy?
One of the goals happened when a teammate was dribbling around in our defensive third and he just took the ball from her, dribbled down the field and scored!  It was very funny!  Still no goalkeepers yet, but I think he had a good time!!

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