So, fall is definitely kicking up.  Nico’s soccer season is in full swing, and he is really getting to be pretty good.  Most of the teams are pretty similar- a couple of kids that are in it to win it, and four kids who would rather be playing on the play ground.  I subbed for another coach a couple of weeks ago.  Following a water break, we couldn’t find 6 of the 8 kids who were supposed to be on the field.  Well, they were off the field. Using a huge branch to stab a tree next to the soccer field.  Because of course.

There is another kid on Nico’s team who is pretty good.  They play well together.  Nico has been focusing a lot more on defense lately.  And sometimes he just does things that are so right, so above what a 5 year old should be able to do.  It’s pretty remarkable.

But even if he is a big tough soccer player, sometimes I can get him to snuggle with me.

Nico got his first school progress report last week.  It was interesting- he is off the charts with the numbers and the reading and the writing.  But less so with the staying focused and finished tasks.  The teacher says he does the least possible.  I’m not really surprised, in fact, I kind of expected it coming from a montessori school.  He’s also super excited about stuff at his new school… like apparently, after lunch kids are allowed to play outside whenever they are done eating.  So naturally, Nico takes three bites of his lunch and rushes outside.  Guess who is a bottomless pit of hunger when he gets home from school?  You guessed it.  My guess is that it will sort itself out during the winter, when kids won’t be rushing to play outside.

I got a bit sick last week.  It come on quick, but I was out of commission for Thursday night and Friday and Saturday.  I’m not all the way better yet- I’ve acquired quite the cought.  I thought my end was near on Monday- I had a couple of coughing fits and I couldn’t catch my breath.  My throat goes from being incredibly sore to not, to sore, to not.  I might have strep, but other than that, I feel fine…. tired and run down, but not really that bad.  I haven’t done a crossfit workout in nearly a week- I feel like the website that posts our workouts is mocking me- I havent taken this long off since, I don’t remember when.

My aunt Sandy died last week, so I went to Michigan on Sunday, to be there for Dad and Aunt Judy.  And to help in anyway.  I saw Cousin Ben and Uncle Danny, who I hadn’t seen in a while.  Which was nice.  But, this past week has just kicked my tail. The work and the responsibility is at about the right place where I can feel motivated and move quickly on things.  Much more stacks up and I’m going to have to hit the reset button- which is the equivalent of pushing everything off my plate and starting over.  🙂

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