Big Feb

I know what you are thinking: how is it that someone who likes blogging as much as I do, can be so terribly bad at it?  My sister, who has four times as many kids as I do, manages to update her blog several times a week.  I don’t know how she does it.  Really.  I’m just over here, trying to determine whether the “shower” I took at the gym yesterday indeed counts as a shower (the water was cold- so I didn’t really get under it) and if I am gross for not having taken another shower.

We’ve had a fun February.  We managed to get to a DePaul women’s basketball game.  Which was fun.  There were two late lead changes, which made the game very exciting.  I was worried that Nico wouldn’t like the womens game because there is less dunking in womens basketball.  But he liked it just fine.

Speaking of basketball… I can only guess that the way that he is now is like how Dave was 40 years ago.  He gets very animated whenever the Cards are on.  He has opinions about players… like Owanakahu- who he thought should be kicked off the team (instead of Chris Jones).  But he can still recognized when a player like that makes a big play (like the other night, whoever they played against, Syracuse?)  He is just as serious about it as he is about the games he plays.

A couple of weeks ago- we went over to Jakey’s house.  Jakey is one of Nico’s classmates from Wonder.  Along with the little brother, the three of them played well with each other for 4-5 hours.  Even if some of that playing was wrestling fighting wrestling.

Valentine’s Day coincided with the end of my Whole30 nutrition challenge at my gym (funny: growing up, I thought I would be peer pressured more into sex, drugs, and booze, and less with the “healthy eating”).  I was really jonesing for a bacon cheeseburger and Dave humored me, so we had bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.  Nico had one and declared it to be his new favorite food.  Cue us making it for him 2 days later, and him not eating it.  Per usual.  

February 17th was Paczi day.  I dont like to make fun of other people’s religions, but this sounds kind of made up.  But I’m not gonna throw a big fuss about it, because donuts!!  Right? 

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