Fun and Reading

Not much new going on here.
I sent the boys to Miami to see Dave’s parents this week.  I would have gone but it is apparently an arm and a leg to board two big dogs.  An arm and a leg.

They also had all the fun and I had none.  Okay, that is not true. I did have fun- I worked on sewing a couple of tops… but ran into a problem with pleats.  Looks like Imma have to wait till Mama B comes to visit some time.

Dave, Nico, Mike, and Gay had a little bit of an adventure; Mike stepped on the business end of a sting ray and ended up with a barb in his foot.  Apparently that hurts a lot.  Nico’s comment was that he was glad that he didn’t have a bad run in with nature.   He also made friends with the kids of Mike and Gay’s friends.  Which is great, because its nice to have friends wherever you go.

Yesterday I picked up Nico’s report card- all Ws (“well developed”) except for a pesky inability to count by number to 100- which I think is strange, because the boy can do that.  So I gotta figure out a way to get into that.  Also, he is reading like a champ.  It’s been fun reading books with him- taking turns reading different pages and sections.

We’re really looking forward to spring soccer season starting tomorrow!!  Nico is looking forward to showing off some of his new moves.

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