Fun on the schedule

Spring is here- which means our weekends get a bit more exciting. This past weekend- we started with a house party at a fellow AYSO family’s house.


Nico ran around with his little rabble for the night- and had a great time. 


Sunday we headed out to Oak Prairie Park in NW Indiana. I wanted to try our hand at fishing- which was an abysmal fail at. Maybe because we were using those crappy rubber worms that came with the pole I got Nico. But it was fun.
I got a chance to hike/walk along the trail at the park. The trail is in the book “60 Hiked within 60 Miles of Chicago”, which Santa brought me a couple of Christmases ago.
Monday I did “Murph” with my gym. It’s a hero WOD so named for a Navy SEAL who died in 2005 in Afghanistan. I definitely had a bad attitude going into it- but am glad I did it.


That is me on the far right.
Tuesday we went to a birthday party after school. I’m not sure how I feel about birthday parties on school days. It’s nice to not have to tie up a weekend day with it. But we didn’t get to any homework on Tuesday. But we didn’t do any on Wednesday or Thursday either.
The place we went was awesome. They had inflatables and a rock wall. A rock wall.
In other news, we bought a used patio set from someone in the neighborhood. We’re also going to work on getting some paver stoned for the backyard. It’s about to be an oasis up in here!
This weekend we have more fun on the schedule. Pizza with my dear work friend’s family tonight. Outdoor movie night+hawks game tomorrow night. Going to see a Fire game next weekend. Our summer is starting to get booked!!


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