We’re finding a great summer rhythm around here.  Lots of time being spent outside, just like everyone else in Chicago.  Camp is almost over- which might be a bummer, but Dave’s parents are coming up next week, which will be a nice highlight.  I know Nico is looking forward to it.
The newest accomplishment is the monkey bars.  He informed me that he wasnt swinging on the monkey bars, he was brachiating.
Last week he had his first real judo session (the second was this week).  Like for real, with the push ups and the situps and everything. I am hoping to shoot some pics at the next one.  His judo pants are too small- so if there were any grand parents that wanted to get him a pair for his birthday or christmas, they would definitely be put to good use.
This guy is getting so big.  I can’t believe it sometimes.  Like the other day, I looked at him in the back seat and was sort of stunned at how big he has gotten.  We’re starting first grade soon- which is crazy to me.

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