Birthday Weekend

Nico’s 6th Birthday Weekend turned out to be pretty fun.  Mike and Gay got in town on Friday morning.  Dave scooped them up and headed to Nico’s last day of camp celebration (read: “talent” show).  His little group ended up doing a little dance, which was fun.  I got it on video- but frankly it was kind of lame.  Nico was in the back corner, so you can’t see him very well.

Saturday was the Ginsa festival.  I had to shoot an event at CrossFit and headed to a birthday party for Jen (good southside friend).  Dave and Nico participated in a judo demonstration-which was pretty sweet.

There was a part of the demonstration where the two boys (there was another one aside from Nico) who each did some throws with their dads.  It was adorable.  They took turns being thrown by their dads. 
And throwing them:
Sunday was Nico’s actual birthday and when we opened most of the presents.  Dave and I ended up getting Nico a big lego set that he has been wanting for a long time (the mega Police Station)- which was a big hit.  We also ended up buying him a bunch of weapons (a bow and arrow, a catapault, and a slingshot).  I’m not sure really, how that happened.  
The birthday boy wanted pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies for dinner.  No cake for this kid. Which is fitting, I guess- since last year he was obsessed with pineapple upside down cake and this year it is chocolate chip cookies.  Just goes to show how much kids change.  
I can’t believe its been six years.  Like I can, but I can’t.  Every day, Dave and I are blown away by something he says or something he does.  He’s using the word “obviously” a lot lately- which makes me laugh.  He’s growing up fast- he rarely has fits anymore- which is great.  But he’s also starting to understand the world around him a lot more- which is fun.  But it makes me a little sad.  
My boss’s son just graduated from high school this summer- and he has definitely been feeling this. It’s made me think about how parenthood is really just a long goodbye.  Building to the day when you take your kid off to college.  And how they really feel like they are leaving you.  But it’s hard- because you know that it’s time.  And the fact that you are at a place to be able to do that says that you’ve done your job as a parent.  And you know how much they are going to love it.  They just really need you to let them go.  My boss didn’t feel like he was ready.  
I don’t feel like I can ever be ready for that.    
But then there was the trip to the Lego store.  Now, this started a couple of months ago with an email that Nico sent to Dave’s mom saying, “When are you coming up?  Mike (Dave’s dad) and I are going to the Lego store.”  Which is actually a funny thing to say in an email with no greeting.  
At the lego store, Nico ended up with the Mobile Police Command Unit- a big trailer and truck rig that is awesome.  With the station- Nico is well equipped for a while.  I mean, since we aren’t doing what I want to do (which is put Kragl on all of it- but that is apparently not how we play with legos in this establishment).  
Worn out after the LegoStore.   He isn’t too big to snuggle on mom.  

It was a great weekend.  It is always fun to have family in town- and I feel like we are lucky to be at a place where we can offer a place for family to stay.  And that we aren’t working so much we can’t see them.  Its nice that Nico likes his grandparents so much.

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