I Hope He Understands It

Something that we have been looking forward to since last year was the start of First Lego League.  Basically, if your last experience with Legos was building a square shaped house with a flat roof from mismatched blocks, you need to know: THE LEGO GAME HAS GOTTEN FIERCE.

Nico read a book on robots last year and learned about something called First Lego League.  Basically, teams work together on a project around a theme.  They do research on the project, make a presentation about it, and compete with their inventions.  The competition entails working an obstacle course.

Well, the season runs August-April, so we have been waiting for the fall to get around.

The only problem is that Nico’s school doesn’t have a First Lego League team.

So I started one.

For it being a STEM school, everyone is falling down over it.  People love the idea.  We’ve had a lot of positive reaction to it.  People getting their companies to give $$ to sponsor us.  We don’t even have Lego sets yet, and people are trying to give us money.

So here is the thing:  In 30 or 40 years, if he makes some type of major contribution to engineering or physics or something, Nico better be getting paid.  Because he needs to go back to his school and donate a bunch of money to it so they can name the world class science labs after me…. I am thinking the Bishop-Royse Nanotechnology Laboratory.  That way it seems like he is naming it honor of his parents… but I think we know really what is happening here.   You guys know what is up.

I just hope that he appreciates it one day. That I loved him so much that I took on organizing and coordinating (read: herding cats) to get him an opportunity I knew he would love.

In other news: Nothing to see here.  Just a storm trooper, watching some videos on YouTube.

We are both pretty jazzed about camping this week.  We are going to have another go with trying to catch some fish.

He seems to like his new sleeping bag.

This past weekend, we finally got Guppy set up in his new house.

Guppy the fish has a new house.

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