Homework Blues All the Way

This guy is reading like a champ lately.

There is too much homework, I think.  I mean, I don’t think his teacher has much of a choice, it was the same for kindergarten.  I think that there are probably a lot of parents who don’t do much with their kids- so the homework becomes necessary, to make sure that those kids can keep up.
But Dave and I do all kinds of things with Nico that aren’t homework, but that are adding to his academic skills.  Like, most mornings we have spelling tests in the car.  Its been hard lately, because it is still so dark early, but some days, I can get Nico to read to me in the car.  We do math to divide up the bullets whenever we have a nerf gun fight in the house.

But the homework is just such a beatdown.  She sends home a packet on Mondays with 20 activities for each week.  Sometimes, we only get through half of them.  😦

But I guess maybe I dont have to be worried yet, Nico got his progress report last week and it was all A’s.  So, I guess we’re not failing him yet. YET.

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