Pumpkin Daze

Dave found “Pumpkin Daze” on the interwebz.  It is basically want I want to do with my post academic life: a working christmas tree farm that also has attractions.

They have a pedal race car track, slides, tire towers, zip lines, petting zoo, and those giant jumping pillows.

During the fall (maybe just October), they have pumpkins and a craft beer tent.  This is basically my jam.

Nico had a blast, per usual.

The farm is maybe an hour and change from our house (it is out near Aurora).

Dave and I decided that it is just about as far as one would want to be from Chicago (if one were set on staying in the Chicago area).

Other than that, not much else is going on.  I am teaching this quarter- so Thursdays are kind of a mess (those are the days that I teach).  Dave is starting work for State Net.  That plus the fact that he is still writing for Hero Sports and occasionally Modern Health Care, means that we don’t have much free time these days.  And I think it is kind of bullshit to spend the little time you have that is not committed to work or transit to cleaning the house.  Last week, Nico and I spent a couple of hours straightening the living room, dining room, and kitchen and it is basically a mess again. Which just proves the point: housework is bullshit.  I am really regretting subscribing to all those magazines I got with my frequent flyer points.  Every week- it seems like I get 3-4, which wouldnt be so bad, except I usually didnt have time to read last week’s magazines.  Luckily, I am starting to get those “Your subscription is about to expire” notices in the mail.  Thankfully!!

Last week we scooped up one of Nico’s good little friends (that lives in our neighborhood) and played at the park for a while.  We discovered a new part of the park, which is basically just a bunch of junk that people have thrown into the words.  But it is cool because there are lots of structures the kids can play on.  So- it was a lot of fun.  Afterwards, the kid’s Dad took us over to the North Park Village Garden Club- which I wasn’t aware was a thing.  Apparently it is.  You can join the club and get a garden plot.  It’s not huge, but its a good size.  It is a lot bigger than the sliver of backyard I have that gets decent sub exposure during the spring and summer.  Seriously, I am not joking, the sliver is about 20 feet long and about 2 feet wide.

Hopefully they will let us into the club.  I hope they do… because I have already requested seed catalogues and it would just be awkward if the garden club was like, “Plot’s taken” and “You can’t garden here.”

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