Rounding third- headed to home.

We’re skidding into the end of 2015!  Let me tell you- this year had been hard.  Just flat out hard.  I am really looking forward to 2016 lightening things up a little.  Sometimes it is just one thing after another.  Little known fact about me: I love the shit out of Christmas and Christmas music.  So, I have been listening to the commercial radio station in town that is playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving (don’t judge).  Of late, they have taken to doing a “Christmas Wish” segments, where they call people up and grant them a Christmas wish. Usually it is in the form of $300-$500 to be used for something.  Like, there was one day where the mom who had put the wish in for her son, it was to get her 12 year old kid a new coat.  And here I am ugly-sobbing in the car while I drive Nico to school 1) because how freaking sad is it that a 12 year old had never had a new coat *and* that was his mom’s Christmas wish.  Also, 2) shit is tough, but it aint’t that tough.
*sighs, with hand to forehead: I just want to buy all the things and travel to all the places. Why can’t I just do that?
In other news, Nico is really starting to get the hang of reading.  We’re not quite at the place where we cuddle up on the couch, all of us reading our separate books.  But, we’re close, I think.  Its surprising to me, how many words he can read, even the tough ones.
Nico continues to grow like a weed in front of my eyes.  The other day, he explained that he was an idea man.  When I asked him what he meant he said, “I am just an ordinary man who comes up with ideas.”  HA!!  Hilarious!!    We got a tree just after Thanksgiving, from a ucut farm out in Aurora.  You know. The one like the kind I want to own. *soon, little farmstead, soon.  I don’t care what Dave says about you.
The tree has been up for weeks, but suffers the indignity of being on the receiving end of errant balls and such from sports in the house.  I guess it really is a case of you reap what you sow, because when you play sport in the house, you can’t be THAT upset that when two Christmas ornaments are broken because they hit the deck.  But, speaking of Christmas, it isn’t even Christmas yet and I already did the Christmas card thing.  I know, right?  I did fall down on the job a little in that I ordered metalic gold envelopes.  Metalic gold. Guess what looks like garbage when I write on them with a marker?  Yeah, those *adorbs* envelopes.
So that is that. So looking forward to Christmas.  JJ will be in town, as will Mom and Dad, the Royses, and the NiCodies.
There will be chaos.

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