I know right?  How far behind can I actually be?

So Christmas was fantastic this year.  Our plans were to meet up with the NiCodys in Louisville, with Mom and Dad B.  Mike and Gay had plans to be in LOU as well, so we were hoping to see them.

Mike and Gay sent Nico’s presents ahead of time (a set of Call of Duty Mega Blocks), Chicago Bears Swag, and a new judo gi (Nico *really* needed a new one, since his old one was WAY too short.

Santa brought Nico the Nerf Cam ECS-12 gun that he has had his eye on for months.  Granny and Grampy gifted Nico more nerf ammo and weapons- so needless to say, he is fully stocked.  Since Christmas, we have already had several gun fights- which is a lot better when you have a legit ammo supply.

The cousins had a wonderful time playing together.  They really got along quite well.  Nico and Maddox convinced JJ, Cody, and Dave to play sport with them on more than one occasion, including a football game in the rain.  

Dave and I got Nico some hockey gear- which he really LOVES.  
He really wants to play- but is kinda crap at skating- so we’re signing him up for hockey skating lessons.  It is really very easy when your kid loves sports to want to sign them up for ALL OF THE THINGS.  But, I think Nico tends to lose his mind a bit when he has too much going on (read: he can be kind of a jerk).  And frankly, I don’t want to be like some of these other mothers we know, where the kids do chess club, language lessons, sports, etc.  We’ve been trying to just keep it at one official sport per season: soccer in the fall and the spring, basketball in the winter, judo in the summer.  I am not sure how exactly hockey will fit into the equation.  
But the good news is that there is hockey and skating year round here- so we could really get into the hockey as basketball is winding down.    

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