Gordon the Good

I haven’t wanted to write this, but I have needed to.  The four people who read my blog regularly already know (from the Facebook and from texts and phone calls).  Gordon died at home on Feb 6.  
It was weird, he hadn’t been himself for a while.  It had been hard for him to move around, and he hadn’t been sleeping upstairs with us.  Since the back step has been icy and slippery, I had been trying to walk him around the block, because it is easier to get down the front steps.  

I came home from work on Friday (2/5) and Dave said that Gordon didn’t move much all day and he just layed on his dog bed wimpering.  So, after dinner, I carried him upstairs and gave him a bath, which has ALWAYS perked him up.  Afterwards, he RAN downstairs and then took turns pulling Dave and me around the neighborhood.  So we figured this was just him being sore from the arthritis and being old.  But the next morning, he wouldnt move out of the foyer, even as we came and went from the house.  This is very strange for him, because he doesn’t like people stepping over and around him.  He usually finds a place to hide from all that.
I had grading and stuff, so Dave took Nico to hockey and I ran an errand, when I came home, he had moved to a dog bed, but had an accident on it- which is completely uncharacteristic of him.  So, I picked him up and carried him to the front door, thinking I could get him to go outside.  He wouldn’t/couldn’t.  There is a person in a our neighborhood who posted a photo of a vet making a housecall, so I tried to get in touch with her so that he could come look at Gordon,who at this time was breathing hard.  I got him settled onto a dog bed in the living room and settled in next to him.  
On their way home from hockey, I texted Dave to let him know that Gordon wasn’t doing great.
They had stopped to bring home dinner and Dave had the conversation with Nico about how Gordon wasn’t doing great.  About two minutes after they got home, Gordon started shaking (maybe a seizure?).  Nico came and sat on my lap and was there when Gordon died.  
I have talked to a couple of people about it, and the conclusion is that it seems like Gordon might have been hanging on, for one last look, which is stunning, if you ask me.  He was a really good dog- and he had a really great life.  I am just so thankful that we were there when it happened.  
Drake is okay, I think.  There were a couple of days early on when he wasn’t all that interested in eating.  But I think he is getting used to the idea of being an ‘only’ dog.  He doesn’t have to share bed space or couch space- so I think he is okay with that.  

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