The Nico Sport Life

Nico’s reading is really taking off.  He will read just about any book about sports.  Double bonus if you’re talking Chicago sports.  In fact, this past weekend, he and Dave were playing “All Star Team of All Time-Cubs edition” which is where you name who you would have on a team, if time wasn’t an issue.  Nico drafted obscure historic era catchers and short stops- guys he learned about in books.
It was pretty great.
He really would do all of the sports, if we let him.  We’re tying to keep it to 1 sport at a time, but sometimes we get a little overlap.  For example, he was in a hockey skating session while also playing basketball.  We’re also in the middle of another hockey skating session- which will overlap with the return of spring soccer by a couple of weeks.
We’ve also been on a mission to find a new judo club.  The problem with the club that Dave has been working out at (in Evanston) is that the practices are so late (starts at 730).  This means that if Nico is going to attend, he’s not going to bed until almost 10pm, which is no bueno.  So, Dave has been looking around.  He found a club that practices in the late afternoon/early evening- so Nico has tried it out a few times.  Really likes it.  So that is his club now.  He is set to do a club tournament next week.  In conjunction with it, he has a Throw-A-Thon happening- where he is trying to get pledges for every throw he does in 2 minutes.  Maybe some grandparents want to kick in some money for such a worthy cause?:)

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