2nd place judo

Nico’s second judo tournament went pretty well.  He got thrown in his first match, but recovered pretty well.  In the second match, he got thrown and the referee called it an ippon, but was overruled by the other judges.  Nico jumped on the chance and pinned the kid.

Dave has been working with him on his osoto gari.  In the first tournament, he would go in trying to throw it, way off balance and got countered pretty easily.  Well it worked, because in the next three matches, he quickly threw it and got ippons.

I was so proud!  He ended up taking second in the tournament, in his weight class.  There were a bunch of kids there, including some from the Cohen brothers. It was a lot of fun to watch!

I think it ended up being a great experience for Nico.  Dave and I were both a little worried that if Nico had a bad tournament, that he might not want to keep going in judo- only because it is kind of hard to keep going when you’re not sure you’re improving.

In any case, judo is done for now.  We will start back up again in the fall.  Maybe even try to sneak into a few camps this summer.

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