Boy of Summer

How about if I don’t do the thing I normally do, which is shamefully acknowledge how I have neglected the blog. How awful I am as a mother.  Yada yada yada.  I been busy, y’all.  The thing is, that I was looking forward to the summer being a slow down from the spring.  It hasn’t really been much of a slow down.  Work started pretty hectic, but it has “slowed” down a bit.  I say “slowed” and I mean just the “required” stuff at work.  I have so much that I am working on aside from the things I have to do.
I am trying to learn R (a computer language and statistical package).  Plus I have several projects I am trying to wrap up.  I have a presentation later this month and next month (in Paris) that need attention.  And the sociology department asked me to teach a class in the Fall- maybe two.  I am trying not to be overwhelmed about everything, which is doable, as long as I don’t think too long about all the things I am not doing well.
We started Nico in Cubs Care baseball this year.  He really likes it.  He is the oldest kid in the class- he is almost 7 and the rest of the kids are either 5 or just turned 6.  So, he is head and shoulders above the class in terms of listening, coach ability, and athletic skills.  His coach seems to really like him- and has set him up with other baseball opportunities.





He is so tan and so blonde right now.  At camp, he spends hours on hours on hours outside- playing sport, swimming, hanging out.  It is quite remarkable.  Most days at camp, he swims for at least an hour.  Plus, we have him in swimming lessons on Thursdays.  Speaking of which, he is finally turning into a fish.  He has always been a bit apprehensive in the water, but lately, he’s going under water and overall much more comfortable.  In fact, Dave even has video of Nico asking his swimming teacher to throw him in the water.
We started the summer pretty strong in terms of reading, but somewhere along the like, we’ve dropped off a bit, which is a shame.
He and Dave are going down to Louisville next weekend.  Mike and Gay are coming up, and wanted to see Nico and Dave.  The plan is to stay with Cathy and Tony, and maybe even get a judo workout in.   Everyone is looking forward to it.  I wish I could make it, but next week is going to be a bit crazy with the camp schedule and I am going to need to get out in front of it.  I never get to have any fun!!


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