Neil Adams Clinic

Last weekend, Dave and Nico headed down to Louisville.  Mike got his seventh-dan (seventh degree black belt) and the boys were headed to a judo and sports camp run by a friend of the family.  Neil Adams, a two time silver olympic medalist and former coach of the British National Judo team was there, doing a clinic on tao otoshi (which we are coincidentally trying to make one of my throws- but mine usually looks like hot garbage).  I had to stay in town with Drake, which was a bummer.


Mike and Gay also took Nico for some birthday shopping and spoiled him.  Of course.  The kid got one of everything at the Louisville Bookstore.  🙂 They stayed with Tony and Kathy and had a great time.

They also got to see Dave’s cousin Will and his family (Tracy and Darby).  And they got fried green chilli wontons at the Bristol.  Nico tried fried calamari and likes it.  Combine with the frind wontons from a Thai place on Granville that he put away like a boss and I am starting to think he is just like his dad (will eat any fried food).

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