Ninth Birthday

The majority of Nico’s birthday was the big trip to New England.  We ended up buying him damn near everything he wanted… a Red Sox shirt, a musket from OSV, etc.  So his birthday was a little low-key.  Grandparents sent him Amazon $$$, which he used to get the Star Wars battle front game (to go with his PlayStation).  I tried to make a layered chocolate cake (like the one on the intro for GBBO).  But I failed.  Also, I didn’t have cocoa, so I couldn’t make the chocolate frosting.  But we put raspberries on the top and it was delicious.

He’s nine.  NINE.

Which is totally nuts.  Like where did the time go?  I say this every birthday- but its disorienting having a kid.  Like, its hard to remember a time when he didn’t occupy so much of my thought and mental energy.  Like, I know intellectually that there was a time when my life didn’t revolve around someone else.  I woke up in the morning and went about my life- I got my self ready for work and went to work and if I wanted to workout after work, I did.  And I came home and did what I wanted.  Which is weird.  Because my life now is not that.  I start my week with what I need to do with Nico… so practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And judo.  And I just fill the rest in.  It’s strange.

But also, bringing him home from the hospital felt like yesterday.  I remember saying to Dave T.  that I couldn’t believe the hospital was letting us take Nico home.  Like, we didn’t have to pass a test or anything.  And he said, “Well, the test starts when you take him home.”  And honestly, that’s been with me since.

Dave’s parents came up for the weekend and we did some judo.  I wish that they lived closer- it was nice getting to train with Mike.  We tried out a japanese restaurant in Evanston that I really liked.  Which is a new thing for me.

It was a pretty nice summer weekend!!

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