Loving Baseball

I think that it’s weird that we like baseball as much as we do.  

Let me rephrase.  I think it is weird that I like baseball as much as I do.  I mean, I remember thinking to myself watching a game or two when I was a teenager, “Is this a sport?  Is it though?  Not like soccer.”  

I just didn’t have any appreciation for baseball… maybe because I didn’t understand a lot of it.  Or how mental it can be.

Of course, I have never really been a die-hard fan of any team… I mean, I will “follow” a team I like (Manchester City).  I will know a lot of the players.  But its not a major part of my life.  The Cubs, though… totally different.  Maybe because Nico is such a fan.   Or because it is one thing that we can put on TV, that all of us will watch.  Honestly, we watch or listen to probably 80-85% of their games.

And going to Wrigley is always nice.

Right after Dave and I started dating, we came game to Chicago for  a game, flying from Tallahassee.  He got  us box seats at Wrigley.  For a day game.  We were twelve rows back on the third base side… for my first real baseball experience, it was amazing.   In truth, Old Style beer tastes different when you are sitting twelve rows back in box seats, in the sun, drinking it during a day game.

Of course, the Cubs are good now.  So, those days are gone.  You’re lucky if you can score tickets with an slightly obstructed view for $40, which is annoying.  But everyone wants  to see Javy do  his magic and Rizzo go yard.  So, I guess that is our reality.  I mean, if you wanted that to not be  the case, you’re wishing for the old days,  when the cubs were not as good.  They are in the hunt for their 4th consecutive post-season-so  I guess we have to take the good with the bad.

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