Powerstrikers: Disassemble!

On Oct. 28, we had our last game of the season, which was a blast. The boys played really well- tying 3-3 (and we led by two at one point).

The season was hard for reasons we weren’t expecting. If you know me I real life, you know I have opinions about The Youth Soccer Industrial Complex in the US. You would not be surprised to know that I have strong opinions about the league and the division we played in.

We won our first game of the season and then lost 7 more. Now, I don’t care about the win-loss record; because I know that sometimes, you learn more from a 2-1 loss than a 10-0 win. Buuuuuut, we lost most of our games by a lot more (13-0, 8-0, etc). Which is frustrating.

Based on what Dave describes in the seeding meeting, apparently it’s kind of a crap shoot. Theoretically, it’s a league where teams that win lower divisions are supposed to be promoted. But, coaches are largely able to say what division they are going to be in. A team can win the 3rd division and say they don’t want to be promoted because they are “losing their gk and 3 other players”.

Which I think is horseshit.

I said what I said.

The problem with allowing coaches to decide what is best for them (not the league), you end up with teams that should probably be in 2nd or 3rd division, killing teams in the 4th division. This season we had 4 teams who were competitive with each other and a 4 teams straight murdering, week in and week out.

I don’t really understand the point of playing a division down- I mean, I’m not sure what a team gets out if blowing out opponents week after week. One one hand, if you’re a paid coach who has to produce- I guess it’s better FOR YOU to sand bag your team. But on the other- this might be part of the problem of why the US sucks at developing a legit soccer culture.

In any case, I felt bad for the boys. It’s hard to get stomped like that- week in and week out. I worry about some of our better players deciding they want to go to a different club or a different sport. We have the spring season, and Dave thinks it would be better for us to play in the 5th division. It’s annoying, because the bottom of our division is what I think we should be playing. But if teams are going to sand bag and play down, then I think it would be better for ya to move down and at lest have more competitive games.

American youth soccer, y’all.

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