Dog Days of School

The boy has been struggling with school this year. He definitely is the driver of the Keimpf-Wagen at school.

It’s not like he is dumb, he just doesn’t like most of the parts of it, particularly the ones where he has to do busy work, worksheets.  It is unfortunate because you know I got that ADHD- so I suspect that is partially what is going on here.  But maybe part of the problem is that his early education, his preschools, were so amazing.  The FSU Infant Toddler Center, Creative Preschool (in Tallahassee) and Wonder Montessori are just off the chart on what I think of as ideal educational settings.  SO MUCH PLAY.  And I know that early childhood education is not my research area, but from everything I have read about it, they are the ways schools should be done.  His school seems the exact opposite of this.  It seems like lots of emphasis on seat work, doing worksheets, homework.

It’s weird because last year and this year have been really hard… which I could understand if he struggled hard in kindergarten, first, and second grades.  I don’t know if there is something dramatically different about instruction in 3rd and 4th grade.  Or if its the teachers.  Like, maybe it just takes a special kind of person to be a kindergarten teacher?

But then I try to take the broader view- like, a soccer coach doesn’t become a soccer coach so that they can teach kids how to pass and trap.  Its the higher level parts of coaching- strategy and fostering important relationships that draws a lot of people to coaching.  I am sure 3rd and 4th grade teachers don’t sign up to teach so that they can spend all their time trying to motivate my inattentive kid to complete worksheets.

I don’t really know how to help him.  The idea of being given work and not doing it the second it was handed to me, is so foreign to me.  Maybe it wasn’t healthy, but a big part of my identity as a kid was wrapped up in being a good student. So, I don’t really understand a person who is of my flesh and blood not being the same way.

Buuuuuuuut, maybe this is good.  Maybe he will be happier and have a more positive/resilient identity.  Like, maybe when the going gets tough for him, it won’t cause him to question his own abilities, like what sometimes happened to me when I was younger.

The thing I wish he could do is just to gamify the whole thing.  Like, yeah, worksheets are dumb.  Especially when you already know how to do the work.  But, what if you made a race out of it?  What if you had a competition with yourself to see how many you could answer right?  What if you were so good at it, that you could show others how to do it?

He is completely uninterested in it.

But he is all in on P.E.

*Patience.  Need so much patience.*

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