Resolutions are NAH, Bucket Lists are YAH!

So I guess New Year’s resolutions are out now.  Which is great, because I always kind of found them annoying.  Although, my friend Julia had a great way of dealing with them, which was to resolve to learn to spell one word that she always had a problem with (like inconvenience).  She told me that like 10 years ago and it has always stuck with me.  Like to this day, whenever I fall down on the job spelling inconvenience (which to be honest is a lot- like I have fucked it up two times in the last two sentences), I think about her and her resolution to be a better speller.

But also, resolutions were kind of a pain, because I always felt like they were attempts to change some aspect of yourself.  Like, “I resolve to be a kinder person.” And for some people, who already struggle with themselves as people the last thing we need is some bullshit annual reminder of all of our shortcomings.

So, this year, I said, “FUCK THAT” and decided to have a 2019 Bucket List instead.


This is a list of stuff to do this year.  I like it better than a list of resolutions because a list of resolutions implies some type of improvement that will happen when the resolution is “done”.  And I am all in on check boxes, to be honest.

Also, I don’t like the vagueness of a resolution.  Like, “be kinder”.  Well, I paid for a person’s groceries at the store the other day (calm down, it was $6.45).  Did I do it?  Did I accomplish my resolution of “be kinder”?  On January 1, 2019?  Did the honk and angry curse I gave someone who wouldn’t let me merge on Fullerton near Lakeshore Drive yesterday do anything to damage said hypothetical “be kinder” resolution yesterday?  How do resolutions work?

So that is annoying.  And also, there are just somethings that have to get done this year.  Like, we need a new couch/sofa.  Nico is officially too big to lay on our crappy loveseat together.  But it feels dumb to resolve to get a new sofa/couch.  So… bucket list it is!!

Some of the things I put on my list this year:

  1. Write David Sedaris.  A letter.
  2. Walk to work one day.
  3. Certify DPU for student loan forgiveness program.
  4. Learn to poach an egg.
  5. Make beef wellingtons.
  6. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago.
  7. Read 1,000 articles on Pocket.
  8. Eat 27 different types of produce every week.
  9. Get a Dexa scan.
  10. Finish Nico’s baby book.
  11. Make Nico a craft nook for his room.
  12. Take a ceramics class.
  13. Lift weights 180 times.
  14. Journal.  ALL YEAR LONG.
  15. Improve my cholesterol numbers.

As of now, there are 102 items on my bucket list.  But instead of thinking about the world like, “Well, it’s July, I haven’t done all of these things yet, guess I am garbage and should try again next year,” I am approaching it as, “How many of these things can I get done?”

So, we’ll see.  I mean, its not all bad.  Like, Item 99: get 20 massages.  That is not a bad idea.  In fact… I think my Friday afternoon is looking good for this.


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