I got the flu* in January.

Flu* got me like malaria got Laura Ingalls.  

I thought it was a chest cold.  Dave got it first- it started with a bad cough.  Then chills and fevers, etc.  But always the cough.

I wasn’t too worried about it because I got a flu shot.  And when I get the flu shot, it comes with a seat on a high horse.  And I *thought* that the flu can’t touch you if you’re on your high horse.

Reader: I was wrong.  The flu* pulled my ass off my high horse.

It has been a minute since I had the flu*… and I don’t recomend it.  When it was clear that Dave had it, I sprinted Nico to get his flu shot thinking that it was only a matter of time before Nico came down with it.  I know that I am kind of a bad mom because I didn’t get him the shot earlier… but I tried to.  Its just my life…

Guess who hasn’t had the flu?  Nico.

In any case, it was pretty bad.  I was sick of MLK day and the Tuesday and Wednesday after.  So sick I didn’t play soccer.  Do you know how sick that is?

So sick.

Never have I been so grateful to have sick days.  I rotated between 30 min long showers, sleeping, and coughing.

*I am convinced I had coronavirus.  But all the nurses I know said I didn’t, because the first cases showing up in Chicago (from Wuhan) had just been documented.  But I think we are coming to the consensus that Covid-19 was likely in the US before the first cases in Chicago were diagnosed.


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